Top Trending Restaurants in Dubai

Hotel Cartagena

Hotel Cartagena reveals the story told by his hero, Ny. Buendia. This mixed bohemian paradise is a holy place for every individual who has lived, respected, and eaten in four dividers and equips every visitor with a guarantee of repetition of the chaos of the world we live in today. So, sit down. Meet, eat, drink, get involved and relax when we serve you in Latin America, without limits.

Bistro lagrill

Praise the best from the rich abundance of the sea at the Seagrill Bistro, where the distant perspective on Dubai Marina includes a sentimental touch, and add a menu of abundant fish dishes, show off crispy fish and the best choice of fire satay. The Seagrill Bistro Brunch, or commonly called ‘the most delicious informal breakfast in Dubai’, accessible every Friday, is located next to the coastline with a very beautiful perspective, and offers a choice of Mediterranean and European specialties, with drinks that are abundant in enthusiasm. but arranged well. climate return.


Hakkasan delivers award-winning food to the high Atlantis The Palm.

Appreciate one type of menu including signature dishes served in conventional Hakkasan sharing approaches such as the choice of dishes that limit Dubai.

Hakkasan offers individual special and choice menus nearby, an award-winning wine list and mixed drinks. The restaurant will open every day for dinner from 6pm onwards. The bar will open every day from 17:00 to 01:00.

Tresind Carnival

Considering a group of people who show off the central point of a vibrant CLAMoring company, Carnival by Tresind is an Indian food festival, where Indian food is grown to release today’s charming symbols and jump forward to enter the current post. A party at the Carnival is a gastronomic party that pushes the upper limit of food to rise to the top in a nostalgic culinary encounter that rejects your beloved memories and returns you to the old past.

The Meat Co. Madinat Jumeirah

The Meat Co., located in Madinat Soukumum at Umm Suqeim, stands out among the best steak steak houses in Dubai, which offers a selection of premium meat cuts and rejuvenated South African dishes throughout the world. This setting highlights the veranda outside the terrace with a perspective that includes everything about the Burj Al Arab and the channel, while inside the vibrations are boring, screaming and male.

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La Serre

La Serre is a two-story French bistro in downtown Dubai. Wrapped in glass, the main floor is a boulangerie that serves freshly prepared bread every day and a breakfast menu. While the second floor is a rich French bistro, the menu is driven by the Mediterranean. There is a choice of parties at the cooking table so you can take the prologue directly to the menu and local food.

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