5 best things to do in Dubai

Appreciate Cruise Creek

Why skip the big opportunity of a lifetime to go to delightful Cruise Creek in Dubai? Enjoy a pleasant conventional Dhow trip at night by ordering Dubai Creek Cruises which combines light and music performances and spinning hips. As one of the best activities in Dubai, this cruise is also equipped with a stretch of outdoor expanse to serve you with lick support. You must have 2-3 hours to appreciate this incredible Dubai Creek Cruise.

Pressing the fairway in Dubai

If the sporting experience is not your first choice, at that time you can usually do tasteful game moves like Golf. Four Seasons Gold Club in Dubai has 72 standard boxes visited by gold lovers from all over the world. You can also visit Emirates Gold Club which has a design driven by Bedouin tents. Apart from 72 standard fields, 7211 yards and an 18-hole golf course, this very luxurious golf club captivates guests because of the reality of classrooms and accommodation stations.

Skiing in Ski Dubai

Which stands out among the boldest activities and in Dubai appreciates skiing in an indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. In addition to skiing, experienced nature lovers can also play tobogganing, snowboarding, or playing in the snow. This mountain themed indoor ski resort consistently attracts the attention of guests. Skiing is offered for people who kneel to the most experienced skiers. Advanced helpers also exist to support members. Other winter sports, snowboarding is also very popular in this ski resort.

Spread Sky Diving

No, you must be a specialist sky jumper. Regardless of whether this is your first time, you can do the plunge experience with the help of specialists. You can appreciate parachuting and skydiving in Dubai minus all potential restrictions that give you around three hours for this brave movement. As you jump into the air, you get the chance to appreciate the charming perspectives of the Arabian Sea, Palm Island and Jumeirah Beach on the way down.

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Light and Sound at the Dubai Fountain

You don’t need to spend money alone to face this extraordinary light and sound show, basically in the Dubai springs in Dubai’s shopping center around 6pm every night. Watch springs come out at an altitude of more than 500 feet and enjoy the stunning views of the Burj Khalifa Lake which becomes enlightened by more than six thousand super lights in the middle of this show. When you see this show, you can also tempt your taste by asking for the dish you like the most from nearby restaurants that ignore spring.

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