Directly from Dubai to Al-Ain.

Better known by the name, “City of Gardens,” Al Ain can be an extraordinary day trip from Dubai that is suitable for lovers of cultural heritage, by looking around, around famous restored houses, and Bronze Age sites that are previously recorded. Al Jahili Fort is home to the most complete demonstration corridor in the UAE which overshadows Al Ain Museum, with a buildup that shows fossil science and human progress from the old Emirati people for generations in the old Emirate, while Al Ain Palace Museum social events are placed in the old home of the UAE’s first president by showing off exceptional craftsmanship that forbids the traditional lifestyle of the emirate. For families, there is the main highlight of the Al Ain Zoo for them, which now also incorporates a safari travel experience where you can see African and Arabic species roaming in places made as if they look like natural habitats. In addition, no visitors to Al Ain can pass the streets to the top of Jebel Hafeet, the second highest stature at the Emirates.

1 Jebel Hafeet

Spiny Jebel type (Mount Hafeet) rises to the mainland from Al Ain. In this case, you are checking the place for photos above the city and including the desert, then a trip to the top should be the most significant motivation behind your meeting list. With a height of 1,240 meters, this is the second most amazing peak in the United Arab Emirates and the most amazing in Abu Dhabi. When you drive here, after a winding mountain road, it has many beautiful perspectives from Zenith, so you can see all the domains that are spread out below you.

2 Al Ain National Museum

The Al Ain National Museum, housed in Fort Sultan Bin Zayed, completes an extraordinary movement to revive the legacy, culture and history of the United Arab Emirates.

3 Al Ain Palace Museum

The Al Ain Palace Museum is a journey of past life from the holders of Sheik Zayed, the Sultan and his family, who continue to envelop the emirate of the emirate of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The interior has been beautifully rebuilt to reflect the life plans celebrated when Sheik called it home. Unfortunately, there is very little data in all rooms for the general population that does not provide Arabic. Incidentally, the redesign inside really gives you a smart idea about the lifestyle that is incorporated into the event that is occupied.

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4 Al Ain Zoo

Opened in 1969, Al Ain Zoo is one of the most famous isolated zones in the United Arab Emirates. Warm-blooded animals are endemic, for example, Arabic pronghorns and Oryx can be seen, and besides African deer, giraffes, and elands. Isolated areas of giant cats joined by lions, tigers, pumas, panthers disappearing and seeing, and jaguars. There are also monkey complexes, bird cage areas, and reptile houses. Visiting this zoo fragment is very interesting with a jeep if you have to admit it is better, we have to do it by renting a vehicle in Dubai which is ideal for Al-Ain by ordering it directly better than renting a vehicle in Dubai, saving you time to hit your head at abnormal city. Basically there are more family-friendly descriptions including zoos; giraffe lovers activity; the camel riding section and the chicken zone, which offer solidarity for studying biodiversity.

5 Al-Jahili Fortress

The amazing type of Château fortress, including by several multi-colored nurseries, goes back to 1891 and at one time an important part was examined protecting the city from enemies. Today, this is one of Al Ain’s great explanations behind intrigue, and in a sturdy and sturdy mass, you will get a ticket for a show given on a photo that enhances the life and work of world trackers and seekers of the British desert.



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