5 satisfying family outdoor picnic spots in Dubai

While winter in various countries can mean going and practicing in the indoor direction, in Dubai this is the ideal opportunity to go out! Because confusing warmth beats your head in the middle of a perfect open door for 6 to 7 months

Beyond the initial information, BBQ events, picnics, safaris, and various types of training and entertainment from outside are back in the desert city because the temperature has finally subsided.

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In the same way, from deserts and coastlines to parks and cafes, we found a surprise involving the best families outside of Dubai to glorify your family clearly in the open zone. LOL!

  1. Bar-b-que

Nothing beats a perfect and amazing BBQ with family on Friday or Saturday (like a weekend in Dubai). Pack your burger, stove and steak as much as possible from your day at one of the amazing stops in Dubai because there are different fixations for BBQ in Dubai.

  1. Desert Safari

You can design your safari separately or avoid beating your head with open things and order your family with industry development affiliates who oversee everything from finding opportunities to go down. If they neglect you to provide you with transportation, you can even get more of a reasonable profit with your adventure in the path of your cash-related actions by renting a vehicle in Dubai from a major Dubai car rental affiliate. At that time, you better appreciate the slopes and especially the cold Arabic nights with drinks.

  1. Picnic lunch early

Catch up on an early lunch that satisfies a family that you and your child can enjoy with pleasure? Try Social Reform and Grilling. They describe outdoor and indoor seating spaces, mind blowing despite positive vibrations, children’s play zones and incredible food!

  1. Move to Dubai Creek Harbor

No doubt, a hero among the best exhibits in the desert city watched the twilight. From food fires to children’s play zones and live introductions and performances; this place must be a hero among Dubai’s best family outdoor views.

  1. Outside markets

Reverse sustenance, recite, make, with the best sustenance; that’s all hyper and supermarket about. In addition, here in Dubai, you can find various decisions. What we value most is the Ripe Market in Zabeel Park or Barsha Pond Park. Pass your floor with a cover, and enjoy the evening with explicit treats or dinner at night after shopping.


Basically, we have concluded that Dubai is not your place of residence and cannot appreciate things with your loved ones and that later you will grieve like OH! NOT! Stern! I neglected to do typical things. As such, it is better to do it early for your stay with your family partner to live there now. You are sorting legally in about 2 months, so your game plan must be long. In addition, people are dismissed to consider transportation so they have to think about it and order it by renting Damarai for monthly reasons every month behind their rigid residence in Dubai.

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